Digital  ADVERTISING is so much more than turning knobs and pressing buttons based on your data. THE BEST ADS ARE BASED ON GREAT STORYTELLING. This is the beginning of your STORY:



Google Ads management is essential for successful digital marketing campaigns.

Our experts will set up and optimize your Google ads campaigns to help you reach more customers and drive more conversions.

By analyzing your data, we can refine targeting options and identify opportunities to improve your results. Let us take the hassle out of managing your Google ads so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

For e-commerce businesses, shopping campaigns are essential for generating sales.

We have the knowledge and expertise to drive high-converting traffic to your online shop, ensuring success for your business.

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, which means launching a video campaign on the platform can be incredibly effective for brands looking to reach a larger audience.

Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to create a powerful and engaging video campaign that will help increase your brand’s visibility and spread your message far and wide!

Display campaigns are a powerful marketing tool that can be used to introduce a brand to a new audience, and to retarget past visitors.

With display campaigns, businesses can reach a wider variety of customers, increasing their brand visibility in the process.

Do you need to create an attention-grabbing landing page to promote a particular campaign? Whether it be for a new product launch or building up your marketing list, we can help!

Our experienced team has the knowledge and skills to plan, design, and construct the perfect page for your needs.

Implementing Google Analytics 4 is essential for successful data-driven decision-making. By collecting valuable and actionable insights from GA4, our team can confidently optimize Ad campaigns and maximize results.

With the invaluable data collected from GA4, we are able to make well-informed decisions with far greater accuracy.

In most cases we seamlessly combine GA4 with Google Tag Manager. 


We’re the experts you’ve been looking for when it comes to Google Ads. Our team of nerds with social skills knows how to build tomorrows brands.
When you work with us you partner with a dedicated team that cares about your success just as much as you do. As a Google Certified Partner, we’ll help you navigate the ever-changing world of PPC advertising to ensure your getting the most from your online presence.
So why wait? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with our team today. We look forward to working with you and achieving your goals!


Hi we are Valentina and Erik the team behind House of Brands Media.
Erik Founded the agency who’s vision inspired the Nerds to be the best they can be. Valentina is our dedicated Account Strategist who works closely with Erik. Together they are a Dynamic team that’s always ready to tackle your business challenges and reach new online heights. 


Other Businesses Love Our Service And Hands Down Apporoach

Optimizing Google Adwords strategy / knowledgeable and quick
Optimizing Google Adwords strategy / knowledgeable and quick
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Nice working with Erik on optimizing our Google Adwords strategy. He is knowledgeable, communicates quickly and understands your business needs.
Great collaboration
Great collaboration
@Loes Kuynders (Spreektaal)
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I have worked together with House of Brands on a project to generate more leads for our mutual customer. House of Brands, responsable for the Google ads, went on and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. I have mostly worked with Erik Bos who is like an online marketing encyclopedia. He knows what ...
It was online marketing on a really…
It was online marketing on a really…
@Dread Rabbit
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It was online marketing on a really professional level and I enjoyed working with Erik. He helped with setting up and organizing my website and gave me good advise for social media management. I can definitely recommend working with him!
Personalized professionalism
Personalized professionalism
@Diana Petkovics
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Personalized professionalism. Erik is definitely one of those (few) persons who goes out of his way to help you. He puts more value in that was agreed before - and THAT is rare to find these days. I also appreciate the hands-on support and the rapid tempo of his work - I definitely will keep working with him in the future.
Detailed, clear and organized. Will hire again.
Detailed, clear and organized. Will hire again.
@Remco(Prijs Bewust Uitvaart)
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The initial meeting was with Erik Bos, the owner of the company. He walked us through some examples of how House of Brands could support us. This meeting eventually grew into a full deck presentation of what House of Brands would implement for us. The presentation closely represented what our vision was for this project.....


Outsource your Advertisment, so you can handle your Business

Account Audit

Account Audit

Find Your Opportunity
199 0 One Time Payment
  • Free & No attatchements
  • 9 point Ads Audit
  • GMC Feed Audit
  • GA4 Audit
  • Full Audit report
Ads Management Service

Ads Management Service

One Google Ads Account
399 Monthly
  • Accounts 1
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Certified Experts
  • 7 Days / Week Available
  • Monthly Reporting
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META (Re) Marketing

META (Re) Marketing

Combine Google Ads and META
599 Monthly
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  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • 7 Days / Week Available
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Got Questions? We Got Answers!

No limits to your success – That’s the name of the game here! Multiple campaigns, with different objectives, might be needed to drive conversions. With us, you won’t have any set limits on how many campaigns or keywords you can create. What’s important is a solid account performance and long-term success.

Want to see how your account is performing and create a plan for future growth? Why not get a free account audit with us? We’ll provide an analysis of your current metrics, specific recommendations for improvement, and a roadmap for helping you reach the goals you have set. Reach out today and get started on the path to success!

Continuous optimisation of your campaign is key to ensure its success. Our experienced team will work with you on a regular basis, following a schedule that is both clear and transparent. We employ a variety of tasks on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis to ensure the optimal performance of your campaign every step of the way.

At No Gurus, we don’t rely on flashy cars or yachts to demonstrate our excellence. Instead, all you need to do is take a look at the reviews to see just how good we are at what we do! No need for gurus, our reviews speak for themselves.

Are you looking for an Advertising strategist with a dedicated, individual focus on your account? Look no further! We offer the full-time attention of an experienced marketing expert to understand your business and develop customised strategies to best reach your target audiences. Get the undivided attention your business needs to succeed today!

There are no contracts or obligations when you work with us – you can stay as long as it works for both parties. We don’t do small prints so you can always be sure of getting a fair and transparent deal.

As an essential tool to measure effectiveness, advanced conversion tracking allows businesses to track their advertising results across multiple platforms. With the right minds and cutting edge technology, advanced cross platform conversion tracking is no longer a problem.

Periodic reporting is an important part of our client relationship. We host monthly Zoom meetings with clients to review progress and successes. Additionally, at least once a year we make personal visits to check in with our clients face-to-face, as we believe in fostering strong connections in today’s digital world.


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