How To Create Evergreen Video Content To Grow Your Consultancy Business in 2023

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Evergreen Video Content is timeless and therefore stays relevant to the reader. Learn to create Evergreens as a strategic asset in your marketing mix. Here are 5 tip to accelerate your growth using video strategically.
Evergreen Video Content as marketing strategy HOB Media

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Why Use Video Over Photo or text to create evergreen video content?

Videos will boost your conversion and sales

When you add a video about your product on your landing page or website, it has said to influence 8 out of 10 people to make a purchase., your conversion rate can increase by 

Videos increase your return on investment

Research also shows that 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their videos. 

Videos help to build trust in new businesses

Video content can be curated to share stories about the business to build trust and connect with the viewer. The business can also share explainer videos of how to use their products in a simple, entertaining way so as to answer any questions that may puzzle your targeted audience. 

How To Make Evergreen Video Content

1. Stay in your natural habitat

Record like you’re working and share experiences of your daily life. By doing this you create a more authentic video and your audience connects better with you. It also builds the credibility of your expertise when the audience sees you in your natural environment doing what you say you do.

2. Don’t get all nutty professor

Pace the flow of information won’t be a brainiac. Give bite-size information to the audience in simple and clear language. At the end of the video, include a clear call to action and add links to the description of the video.

3. Evoke engagement

Trigger people with a hook. My favorite is an open loop. Using an open loop like the cliffhanger helps for better retaining of the information. It creates interest in the services or products offered by creating uncertainty in the viewer’s mind as they want to know the answer to the cliffhanger. Additionally, this increases the video watch time. Open loops include asking open-ended questions, using catchy captions and descriptions and creating stunning thumbnails.

4. Mix education with entertainment

People watch videos to learn something or to be entertained. Find a mix using a bit of both. One way is to add music to the educative videos or animated GIFs in educative content. Try different versions, until you find a good blend.

5. Start your video podcast

Video podcasts are the perfect way to tick all the above boxes. Podcasts have been a growing trend with good engagement. The content you create can be repurposed into highlights or shorts for more reach

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