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Automate ROI using a SALES FUNNEL. Series of articles that utilise the power of video to build a sales funnel in 2023.
Sales funnel automate ROI - Series (1 - 4) of articles that utilise the power of video in sales funnels. Author House of Brands Media

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In 2022, all businesses want to increase revenue and consumers. Why is that? Pandemic! With millions of businesses still trying to recover from the financial setbacks of the previous two years, finding and attracting new consumers is critical.

Understanding sales funnels are crucial since it’s a good model for analyzing the customer experience from awareness to conversion. The sales funnel is a helpful framework for analyzing your organization and identifying opportunities for development.

Sales Funnel

The business term describing the route potential buyers take on their way to making a purchase is a sales funnel. A sales funnel has multiple phases, which are commonly referred to as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, however, these steps can change based on a company’s sales strategy. The purchasing process is called a funnel since it begins by attracting a large number of individuals before filtering them down until only those who want to buy the goods/services remain. Companies will never be able to convert every lead, so expect a drop-off. Effective funnels, on the other hand, will convert as many individuals as possible into purchasers. To improve the effectiveness of their funnel, businesses should constantly adjust and experiment with it.

In retail, for instance, the phrase conversion funnel is to represents the consumer journey from awareness, which is often achieved through sponsored search engine and social media advertising, through conversion (when a website visitor becomes a client). It’s also known as a business funnel since it helps you to organize all of your sales, marketing, and communication activities for your company model. A sales funnel helps you to design a clear route to income whether you offer a physical product, an eBook, or an online course. It allows you to concentrate on the most crucial aspects of your internet business:

  • Awareness or Lead generation
  • Opinion
  • Consideration (Lead nurturing)
  • Preference (consumer satisfaction)
  • Purchase

However, by delivering an outstanding customer experience and offering opportunities to promote the original item, a corporation may still improve the funnel. Other goods have funnels that are significantly more intricate. Email marketing, webinars, sales calls, downloadable tools, and in-person presentations are all common ways to sell high-ticket corporate software. It might take months for a buyer to progress from prospect to client in these situations.

How does it work?

The sales funnel serves as a blank canvas for describing and enhancing your sales process in order to increase revenue. From awareness through purchase, the model depicts the consumer journey as a sequence of steps. By arranging your marketing communication throughout the stages, you may increase sales. As mentioned above in the article, there are primarily 4 crucial steps involved in sales funnel: awareness, interest and evaluation of the customer, desire, and action.

Stages of funnel


Examine the audience’s actions. This entails identifying a target audience, or the people who will be pulled to the funnel’s top. For a web-based firm, this can entail examining analytics on how visitors interact with the site, such as what they find most appealing and the bounce rate, which indicates how long they stay on the site.


Attract the audience’s attention. There must be something that attracts them into the funnel in the first place. This might contain infographics and videos, as well as ads.


The audience should be directed someplace. Prospects require a destination after their attention has been captivated. This entails creating an appealing landing page that collects data about the user’s experience and includes a call to action that encourages the prospect to interact.

On the other hand, however, after the first three phases have been accomplished, it’s critical to keep generating fresh leads to add to the funnel. SalesforceHubSpot, and Leadformly are just a few of the lead-creation technologies that organizations may utilize to assist automate this process.


This is frequently the point at which sales loss occurs the most. Do not stop nurturing the leads just because they’re poised to buy because they still haven’t made a purchase. The human mind is easily sidetracked. The organization and its sales team are solely responsible for guiding a prospect through the funnel until the sale is confirmed. The adventure does not finish when the lead funnel closes. This prospect should ideally make a purchase and then go through the sales funnel as a recurring client. If you don’t communicate with a prospect during the conversion stage, they’ll assume you’re solely interested in their money, and they’ll go to a firm that does.

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