AI-Powered Campaigns — Companies that don’t know, miss out on an average 20% uplift in conversions

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Learn how to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maximize your search engine campaign performance. Dive into this detailed AI-powered guide today!
Ai Powered Google Ads Campaigns -- House Of Brands Media

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Unlock the Machine Learning Superpower of Google Search Campaigns

Google understands language using algorithms such as RankBrain, Neural Matching, BERT, and MUM for query, content, and ranking purposes. These algorithms have many rules that prioritize various factors that enable Google’s artificial intelligence to determine which pages to serve in response to search queries.

The 3 Keys to Unlocking Google Search Results with AI

Responsive Search Ads, Keyword Match Types, and Smart Bidding Strategies are crucial features of AI-Powered Campaigns. Here’s a brief highlight of what these features entail!

1) Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are a type of ad in which an advertiser can create multiple headlines and descriptions for a search engine ad. The goal is to display different titles and descriptions for each user based on their search history and queries.

2) Keyword Match Types

For Google Ads, there are four keyword match types: broad match, phrase match, exact match, and negative match.

  • A broad keyword match occurs when your ads appear in search results for queries related to your keywords’ meaning but do not contain the exact terms.
  • A phrase match displays your ads in queries that contain the same or more specific forms of your keyword. You can place words before or after your keyword, but not in the middle.
  • An exact match is the inverse of a broad match, and your ads will only appear in queries with the same meaning or intent as your keyword.
  • Negative keywords help you reach the right users by excluding your ads from specific queries. Your ads will appear for relevant terms but not for the exact phrase you typed.

3) Smart Bidding Strategies

Smart Bidding refers to bid strategies that leverage machine learning to optimize conversions or conversion value in each auction in a process called “auction-time bidding.”

Why should you combine Responsive Search Ads, Smart Bidding, and Keyword Match Types?

Many marketers face the challenge of increasing impression share for their Google search campaigns without jeopardizing the relevance of the content for the audience triggered by the search queries.

So, why is Google so focused on the combination of Responsive Search Ads, Smart Bidding, and Keyword Match Types? The combination can help you get your ad in front of as many eyes as possible with little effort. AI Powered Campaigns unlock the golden triangle by giving large amounts of data to optimize and buy the most efficient traffic. However, you should not go through all your Google search campaigns and begin adding or changing existing keywords to broad match, as well as implementing smart bidding strategies across the board.

You can start with an experimental campaign and measure the impact on key metrics like CTR, CPC, conversion rate, and CPA. Once you are confident in the data gathered from the experiment campaign, consider implementing those changes into the original campaign.

AI Powered Campaigns doing:
• 300% conversion uplift 
• -86% uplift in cost per conversion  
• 450% uplift in conversion value

This already used broad match keywords. We changed the bidding strategy to set up an AI Powered Campaign. Even with a limited experimental budget we can see:

• 300% conversion uplift
• -86% uplift in cost per conversion
• 450% uplift in conversion value

In other words. We have a similar reach, pay less for each conversion and have more conversions with more value per conversion without raising or budgets.

House Of Brands

House of Brands assists entrepreneurs to unlock the potential of their digital marketing campaigns through leveraging the golden triangle consisting of Responsive Search Ads, Smart Bidding, and Keyword Match Types. By utilizing AI in your Google Search ads, you can ensure that your campaigns are successful in 2022 and beyond. House of Brands provides the tools and expertise for success for business owners on both Google and YouTube.

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