GA4 Conversion Tracking and Why it’s Important for Small Businesses

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Discover the power of GA4 and how it can help small businesses track conversions. Find out why it is important and how to implement it.
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Small businesses need access to the most up-to-date analytics experience in an ever-changing measurement landscape. With Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Conversion Tracking, businesses can see which of their marketing efforts result in conversions. Without conversion tracking, businesses would have no way of knowing which campaigns are driving sales and which ones are falling flat. As a small business owner, be wary of wasting money on campaigns that don’t produce results. Big companies use analytics and tracking to test and optimize campaigns and small companies should adopt the same with GA4 Conversions Tracking.

What is GA4 Conversion Tracking?

Conversion tracking is a way to measure how effective your marketing campaigns are at driving customers to take a desired action, like making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. 

Tracking these conversions in GA4 refers to businesses collecting and measuring data across websites and apps in new ways. The new GA4 is a great opportunity to measure:

User-level data:

In GA4, there are three User metrics: Total Users, Active Users, and New Users.

Event-level data:

Instead of sessions, data in GA4 is built around events and predicts user behavior while maintaining privacy.

Life cycle reporting:

The increased focus on the user journey has resulted in GA4’s new life cycle reporting that helps your business analyze a customer’s entire trip through the “conversion funnel.” 

The Benefits of Using GA4 Conversion Tracking

  1. You will know how many people visit your site.

Small businesses can use this information to improve their website and increase sales. You can also calculate from that; you can work out a cost/benefits analysis on how to generate traffic through Search Engine Marketing.

  1. You will know the sources that bring the most and least business.

Traffic will come from various sources, including clicks from emails, social media, search engines (including Google) and links from other sites (referrals). You can identify these through Google Analytics and see how effective those sources are. This will help you to optimize future efforts, which means more potential customers and increased sales and profits.

  1. Analyze monthly traffic to see how it changes over time.

This is a great way to see if you can improve your site by seeing how things change monthly.

How to Set Up GA4 Conversion Tracking for Your Business

  1. Head to your analytics 4 property and click “configure.’
  2. Click on Events, which appears top of the list that pops up, and mark any event listed in the Existing events table as a conversion. 
  3. If you need a particular event to be marked as conversion, tap on the toggle switch in front of Events and turn it on.
  4. Click the conversation tab in the “reporting” menu. The important events will appear as conversions. Your conversion tracking is ready!

How to Track an Existing Event as a Conversion:

  1. Navigate the left side of the GA4 page and click Configure, then Events.
  2. Locate the event in the events table.
  3. Go to the event’s Mark as conversion column and turn the switch on.

Creating a Conversion from the Event Name:

  1. Navigate the left part of your screen and select Configure, then Conversions.
  2. Tap on New Conversion Event.
  3. Write the name of the new event. Ensure to use the exact event name with proper capitalization.
  4. Click Save.

Case studies of businesses that have seen success with a GA4 conversion tracking

  • Airbnb

Implemented GA4 conversion tracking, which resulted in Cut tag distribution from days to hours and increased site speed by 8%.

  • Marketo

Passed data from Marketo’s RealTime Personalization to Google Analytics in the form of events. The results were a ten times higher conversion rate against traditional display marketing and a 117% YOY increase in qualified leads.


FAQs about GA4 Conversion Tracking 

What is GA4?

It is the recommended property type of Google Analytics. Its data model is built on events instead of sessions and pageviews, as its predecessor (UA) is.

What version of Google Analytics am I running?

You can log in to your Google Analytics account at Click on “All Accounts” in the top left-hand corner to see a list of all accounts and properties you can access.

House Of Brands Media

House Of Brands Media is a great resource for setting up and managing effective conversion tracking. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our tracking solutions give you the data and insights you need to accurately measure and assess the success of your marketing campaigns. With GA4 tracking, we ensure that your optimization strategy is optimally positioned for success and business growth.

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