Write Conversion Driven Ad Copy With 3 Simple Tactics

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The purpose of an Ad is to make people take action. Great Ad Copy compels the reader to do so. In this article we show you some good and bad examples so you can improve your own Headings, descriptions and more.
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Do you know how to write headings that convert? If not, you’re in for a treat! You see, when it comes to writing ad copy, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. If you want your ad copy to convert, then you need to make sure that it is effective and engaging. After reading this blog post, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of writing ad copy that converts. We will also provide some practical examples so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. Let’s dig in!

What is known as Good Ad Copy? 

There are three main factors to know when you sit to write good ad copy;

  1.  The ad copy should show how your product solves the customer’s problem. 
  2.  It should be written in the active tense.
  3.  It must have a strong call to action.
  4.  It should be real and relatable. Not full of sales jargon.

If you can use these basic guidelines, your ad copy will surely convert!

Write For Humans Not Machines

Some great ways to do this are by:

1. Using persuasive active tense language that speaks directly to your audience.
For example, “Save 500 hours every year with our management software.” This advert addresses the common frustration that customers experience with working long hours with management software. However, with your software, they can save 500 hours of work every year which is significant and appealing to busy business owners and managers. They will read this and click on your solution instead. 

2. Incorporate keywords and phrases that are likely to resonate with your target audience so as to provide value in a unique way. 
For example, the Ad Copy that says, “Rated the warmest winter jacket on Earth!” includes the keywords of winter jacket with warmth, and they both provide a good visual of what the product does.

 3. Stay focused on what your customers care about and tap into their needs and desires.
For example, all busy marketers would like to set up their emails quickly. So, the ad copy that says, “Get your email list of leads set up in 5 minutes or less!” is very appealing to them.

Other Examples of Good Ad copy
“Extra pockets for your convenience.”
“Go to sleep and let the X laundry system clean your clothes overnight.”
“The only email marketing software to allow your subscriber segmentation.”

More examples of good copy

What Is Bad Ad Copy?

Bad copy can be identified as follows:

  1. It’s all about you. Bad ads are about bragging about how great your company is. 
  2. It doesn’t focus on the customer or their problem
  3. It has NO Call to Action.
  4. Many marketers make the mistake of writing generic, cliche-ridden ad copy that doesn’t really say anything about their products or services. For example, using phrases like “lowest prices” and “best quality.” 
  5. Writing in passive tense does not appeal to readers.

These common pitfalls will reduce your chances of capturing the attention of potential customers online.

Examples of bad copy for Google ads: 
1. Drive A 2014 Mazda3 Today- CAJ’s Best of the Best Winner 2014! With 17% More HP & 27% More Torque.
2. Computers: Hundreds of computers, printers, and games powered by Buy Sell Exchange.
3. Medical Equipment: Second Hand Medical Equipment: Spare parts & Tubes Extensive Database

A Case Study

This is how bad copy can become good engaging copy:

The bad ad copy:
“SEEK Accountants: SEEK has over 6,000 new jobs. Career advice and daily job emails.”

Why it does not work:
The ad is very company focused and has a passive tone which is not endearing to potential customers. 

 It can be changed to this better ad copy:
“Need Accounting Work? Discover over 6000 new jobs. Get career advice & more. Call us today.”

Why it works:
It relates to customer pain of needing work and career advice. It also offers a solution of 6,000 plus new jobs to customers looking for a job.

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