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Timecode: The Better Way to Sync Audio for Video Production Agencies

6 minutes read At House of Brands Media, a Video Production Agency in Portugal, we understand the challenges of synchronizing audio and video in multicamera recordings, especially for corporate videos. That’s why we rely on Timecode Systems, an innovative solution that revolutionizes synchronization. Developed in 1967, Timecode Systems ensure frame-level accuracy, saving time and guaranteeing a seamless viewing experience.

Our expert team leverages cutting-edge components like Ultrasync Blue, Ultrasync One, and AtomX SYNC module to streamline video production. With wireless timecode, flexibility, and long-lasting battery life, we deliver top-notch commercial videos efficiently and within budget.

Partner with House of Brands Media for seamless video production that leaves a lasting impression.

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Video Advertising Portugal

9 minutes read In this article, we delve into the rapidly growing sphere of video advertising in Portugal. We shed light on the various trends shaping the industry, including the rise of mobile video consumption, the increasing emphasis on video content in social media platforms, and the shift towards native and programmatic advertising. We also discuss how businesses are optimizing their strategies to align with these trends and the potential benefits of working with a local video production company in Portugal.